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The Little Rebel is made for creators who are ready to make their mark on the world. More than just a quilting machine, this incredible tool can help you tackle almost any type of sewing project. The sewing and quilting world is about to change forever, and the best time to join the movement is now.

What can you expect to receive with the Little Rebel? A handle control box, sewing base (18 x 24"), Foot Pedal with 7' cord, Quilting Hopping Foot, 1/4" Piecing Foot, 3 M-Class Bobbins, four different needle packs (Size 18, 16, 14, and 12), Sewing Tools, Thread Net, Instruction Book, Reference Card, Oil, Tension Book, 3 sizes of spool caps, Welcome Folder, Teflon Frictionless mat (for FMQ in domestic mode), Needle Theader and inserter, Walking Foot and an Open Toe Size Quilting Foot.
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Little Rebel

$2,699.00 $3,499.95


Little Rebel with Cutie Breeze Frame

$3,598.00 $4,499.90


Little Rebel with Q-Zone Hoop Frame

$3,898.00 $5,299.90


Little Rebel with Q-Zone Queen Frame

$4,298.00 $5,699.90


Little Rebel with Q-Zone Queen Frame + 2ft Ext

$4,998.00 $6,599.90


Little Rebel with Evolution Hoop Frame

$5,498.00 $6,799.90


Little Rebel with Evolution Elite Frame

$6,498.00 $7,999.90


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