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Q'nique Q15R MSRP $4,499.95

$3,799.00 $4,499.95


Q'nique Q21 MSRP $7999.95

$7,399.00 $7,999.95


Q'nique Q19 MSRP $6999.95

$6,799.00 $6,999.95


Q'nique Q15M MSRP $3,499.95

$3,199.00 $3,499.95


Q'nique Q21 Pro MSRP $8,999.95

$8,299.00 $8,999.95


Q'nique Q15Pro MSRP $4999.95

$4,499.00 $4,999.95


Q'Nique Q15R Recertified

$2,599.00 $2,799.00


Q'nique Q15Pro Recertified



Q'Nique Q19 Recertified



Q'Nique Q21 Recertified

$4,199.00 $5,499.95


February 23rd Newsletter ~ please read the entire newsletter for all of our news

... Click to read the complete newsletter full of tips, discount codes and during this fluid time of change call the store for the daily updates... "... For an online and in shop special, choose any of our special sewing fabrics at 20% off regular price when you supply the code. The code will be: SEWING20. We have just gotten in some new ones, already shown online, that just might catch your attention. Since you're going to be signing up for the virtual ruler classes, why not make yourself a tote to keep them all in? Sewing fabric on the outside, sewing supplies on the inside. Easy to grab and go or grab and use!"

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